Chef’s opinions

Chris Taylor, Fraser’s Restaurant, Perth, Western Australia

Chris Taylor is the General Manager and Executive Chef at Fraser's Restaurant, Perth.

Yabbies have established themselves as an integral part of Fraser's cuisine; with the exceptional sweet taste and uniqueness of textures our options are limitless. From Asian-inspired dishes to Middle Eastern, it seems we're limited only by our imagination. What can I say? “Another great Australian product.”

Bert Lozey, Rendezvous, Perth, Western Australia

Bert Lozey, Executive Chef, Captain of the Australian Culinary National Team and winner of the 1996 Culinary Olympics, features yabbies on his menus at all five restaurants at the Rendezvous, Perth. Bert says yabbies have all the qualities he needs to create the most delightful meal at any time of the year.

Yabbies – compared to other crustaceans, such as lobsters – are affordable, available year round, very versatile and have great flavour. Their availability in different sizes means they can be used in many different ways. They can be whole steamed and chilled for seafood buffets, steamed in spicy broth, presented chilli yabby style, whole split and char-grilled, or de-shelled and used in combination with pasta, salads, or stir fries... the list is endless.

One of the big advantages of Cambinata yabbies is the shelf life. They will stay alive in refrigeration for up to ten days. Their flesh and colourful appearance make them a great option for every chef.